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Learn About Texas Section 8 Housing Lists

Texas Section 8 listings are resources you can use if you have received a housing choice voucher from a public housing agency (PHA). Generally, a Section 8 housing list contains information on properties you can rent with your voucher.

Some PHAs will provide you with an official list to use, while others will not. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find a suitable unit to rent, as the PHA will not locate a rental for you.

There are a variety of low income apartments for rent that will accept your voucher. During your enrollment in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, keep in mind that you are free to rent any suitable unit on the open market.

Whether you use an approved Section 8 housing list to find your rental or not, you are allowed to choose any place that meets the PHA requirements. Read below to learn more about finding Section 8 approved housing for rent in TX and discover how to use rental listings.

What is an approved Section 8 housing list in Texas?

There are a variety of official Section 8 rental listings in Texas that you can use to find appropriate housing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which funds this program, provides one of the more comprehensive tools for finding approved rentals. In general, HUD homes for rent listings include the following types of properties that may accept Section 8:

  • Apartments
  • Townhomes
  • Multifamily units
  • Single-family homes

It is important to note that certain areas of Texas are not covered by a PHA due to their rural location. Instead of using Section 8 listings, you can use resources provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to find affordable housing. Many low-cost rental properties in western Texas can be located by searching through the USDA.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) also publishes information on available rentals. Through the TDHCA, you can find official Section 8 listings as well as other types of units that offer rental assistance. Remember that this list may not be all-inclusive, as Section 8 is not available everywhere in Texas.

Moreover, a local PHA may provide a list of low income apartments for rent to aid you in your search for housing. Generally, these lists can take many different forms.

As an example, PHAs that have their own official portals may have a dedicated webpage where you can search for properties. Alternatively, PHAs without websites may simply provide you with a packet of information on approved listings.

Other times, a housing authority will partner with a third-party organization that manages up-to-date listings. In such cases, you may find a link to whichever website the housing authority endorses.

No matter which resource you use to find homes for rent that accept Section 8, it is important to reach each listing carefully. Even on an official housing list, you may find that certain units do not meet the PHA requirements. Furthermore, some apartment for rent apps will list a variety of units, including places that may not accept vouchers.

Other Ways to Find Section 8 Listings in Texas

If your PHA does not offer an official Section 8 housing list, there are many other ways to find units that will accept vouchers. First, you can use any number of apartment for rent apps that are available for free and list several rental units that accept HUD vouchers as payment.

Some of these websites are designed just for low-income listings. However, you can still find Texas Section 8 rental listings through major apartment search engines as well. Otherwise, learn more about using a Section 8 housing list by reading our guide here.

Quality Standards for Section 8 Approved Housing in Texas

When searching for housing, it is your responsibility to find a unit that meets the PHA’s quality standards. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that homes included on TX Section 8 listings are not always guaranteed to meet the requirements for this program. For instance, the unit you choose must:

  • Be rented by a landlord who is willing to take vouchers.
  • Have enough space for a family of your size.
  • Be able to pass a health and safety inspection from the PHA.

Housing authorities do an initial safety inspection before you can move in. If you choose to renew your lease and continue receiving assistance during the following year, the PHA will do another inspection to ensure that the unit still meets the requirements.

Tips to Help You Find Low Income Apartments for Rent in Texas

When looking for Section 8 listings in Texas, you can make your search go more smoothly by using filters to find the best results. Most apartment searching apps allow you to look for units based on things such as:

  • Your preferred number of bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Amenities and features included with the unit.
  • The rental amount you are able to pay monthly.
  • Your preferred location and/or neighborhood.
  • Access to things in the community, such as public transportation.

Keep in mind that many Section 8 listings in Texas are free and open to the public. This means that you could be competing with other applicants who are interested in low-income housing. Moreover, certain units on a housing list may not require an applicant to hold a Section 8 voucher, which can make the home search slightly harder.

When searching through Section 8 rental listings in Texas, it is important to find a unit relatively quickly after filing your application. Most PHAs require you to use your voucher before a certain deadline, such as 90 days.

If you are unable to find a suitable rental before the pre-determined deadline, you may risk losing your vouchers altogether. On the other hand, certain PHAs with deadlines will allow you to request an extension.

In some cases, you will need to rent a unit within the jurisdiction of the PHA that issued your voucher. Therefore, before you start looking at Section 8 listings, check this information with your local PHA. This will help you avoid any confusion once you find a unit to rent.

Generally, you can move out of the PHA’s service area after the first year. You will not generally need to use your voucher within the PHA’s jurisdiction if you already lived in the area when the voucher was issued.

Learn How To Apply For Section 8 Program With Our Guide

As an independent and private company, we are proud to help our users learn about the benefit application process.

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